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Zzeeh is the Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore. Here are tons of things which matter at a grand wedding and one thing which makes an occasion, look compelling and price attending is proper planning and alluring decor. If you’re planning a wedding ceremony in Bangalore and searching for a wedding planner then Zzeeh is the choice you should definitely make as this company is a one-stop solution for all of your wedding-related needs and requirements.

They say, “Marriages are made in heaven”. So all you need is the Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore, who will make your Wedding Colorful. Then why is it that the thought of putting one together puts the couple through hell! An affair so pure, a love so divine, a connection forever, a commitment of a lifetime, a decision categorised as “major” sure does bring out a lot of varying emotions. And one certainly doesn’t want the incorrect ones to return to the fore. Let the heavenly union desire heaven, look like heaven, be reminded to love it and be like heaven.

Zzeeh is one of the young & an talented team of Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore. Cos we’ll raise all hell to form it the most perfect wedding you’ve got always dreamed of and need to have as the closest memory in your heart. Zzeeh wedding planners to the rescue. Give us your troubles. Give us a call. Send us a mail. We’ll be at your service right from ‘Sagaai’ to ‘Shaadi’ to ‘Bidaai’.

Your Dreams , We Execute

From ‘A’ to ‘Zzeeh’. We organize, plan and attain our implementations in your event from the beginning to the end. We bring everything to your place which is required for all of your Marriage, birthday, retirement, anniversary, love proposal, DJ events, Cultural Events, Corporate Events, Special Events, Company branding and promotions, political events which are starting from the scene to the arrangement and improvements. Our creative team of talented executives always shows interest to form the start of your travel as wonderful and make you to desire Heaven.

Sagaai to Bidaai

13 years of Experience with more than 750 weddings and 3000 events


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Wedding Decor

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Wedding Budgets

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Wedding Invitations

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Zzeeh is a particularly Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore. We’ll furnish the best services for organizing, planning and executing all kinds of events to prove our own selves, because of the best firm in Execution and Event planning. From the competition between several Event Management Companies in Bangalore, it takes a lot of effort to stand out at the top. In any situation, with us, you’ll make certain of all of your expectations being met at a time-based commitment of all services. We have completely given assurance to your satisfaction and fulfilment.

There is no event like small or big that we cannot make a grand success. Being a company that gives productions, sound, and lighting at one of the most competitive pricing seen today without comprising on quality. What we believe and strive to realize in every event we’ve been involved in.

Don’t sweat it with logistics and Event Party Planning for we take off these burdens upon us in order that we will collectively reap rewards of a successful event. Don’t hesitate, just call us, we will take care of requirements, whether it is PA Systems, Event lighting or Uplighting, Event Operations and logistics or even if you just wish to inform us what your vision is and need to understand the way to execute it.

Our core competency lies within the fact that we coordinate from start to finish & make sure that you are doing not need to spend your time & energy organizing events, providing the artists, production, promotion, creative’s, marketing, etc. is handled by us. You name it & we do it!

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