Complete PA Systems

Every event will always have the requirement for a great PA system. No matter what your event needs, whether its microphones, amplifiers, sound systems, and other related equipment; we have you covered. Providing you the best of the systems in the business at affordable prices and on time coverage will have you covered and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Event Lighting

Lighting in an event will either make it or break it. Ranging from Spotlights, strobe lights, decor lights for weddings to Concerts, Music Festivals, Corporate Events, Large Scale Public Events, Cultural & religious events, we have you covered. We provide the best range of lightings from 1500 watt xenon arc strobe, Source four profile spotlights, follow spotlights, 4-Cell Moleflay Blinders, Mirror Ball and Effect Lights; you name it we have it. contact us to know more.


Are you throwing an elegant affair and want the drama and flexibility of uplighting? We can wash your walls, stage, and your whole facility in color. We can do fixed colors, multiple colors and change colors as the event progresses.

Microphones - wired and wireless

No event is complete without a proper mic. Your hosts will need to have their voice heard. Or do you wish you share the joys of winning? What type of microphone will be needing? Wireless Handheld Microphones, Wireless Lapel/Headset Microphones, Wireless Lapel/Headset Microphones or Wireless Handheld Microphones. Would a wired microphone be your choice? We have it all. Reach out to us, so we can have your voice reach out to the ones you need it to reached out to.

Live event lighting and operation

At Zzeeh, we shall manage and ensure service for event rights holders and broadcasters who would want to capture and stream live events on any form of the media; featuring: onboarding and preparation, acquisition, in-event and post-event services.

Event Overlay and Venue Infra

Every event requires the need for an additional "overlay" to support the existing venue and event spaces, helping to transform and create compliant event facilities, capable of handling world-class major events. The overlay includes all of the temporary infrastructure required to support a particular facility or venue, including but not limited to tents, cabins, power, utilities, fencing, flooring and lighting, signage and Field of Play (FOP) equipment.

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